Ode To Austin Lake

What makes us different,
And so unique
Is a piece of land
That can’t be beat.

Deep in a valley
Quiet and pure
You can explore nature
That is for sure.

Native Americans
Used to live here.
It still looks like
You’re on the frontier.

Kin came to Ohio
In eighteen ten
They liked it here
It had good zen.

Camping in trailers
The lots are level.
Go back in time
When life was simple.

Cabins are awesome
Made out of logs
But during the day
We catch pollywogs.

With acres to roam
Without getting lost
You feel like a king
At half the cost.

People often ask
What can I do?
Play in the creek
With skies of blue.

Do you like to fish
At the water’s edge
Or from a boat
Way over your head?

Little ones are free
To ride their bikes.
Take some water
And go for a hike.

The local Sasquatch.
May be in the woods
Hiding among
The many hardwoods.

On hot summer days
It will feel swell
To head to the beach
And learn to swim well.

Do you like to swim
In a spring fed lake?
Cool off your bones
This is real — not fake.

Some things are old
And some are new
The beach inflatables
Can you get through?

Running and jumping
School kids and teens
Getting a workout
Like you’ve never seen.

If you are older
Rent a pontoon
Take the family out
For the afternoon.

Build a big fire
Put on more logs.
Get the marshmallows
And the hot dogs.

At night the campfires
Burning so bright
The stars are twinkling
Throughout the night.

Laughter and talking
Singing a song.
Children are tiny
But not for long.

Stay as long as you can
You won’t forget
The fun you had
Or the friends you met.

We invite you to come
And share our space.
You will surely say
This is my favorite place.

By Marsha Cable 2019